Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some Advice On Buying a Copic Airbrush System Please?

Hiya peeps!

Just a quick post to ask for your expert advice if you don't mind please? I have put the Copic Airbrush System at the top of my wishlist and was just wondering if anyone thinks it worth buying to do image backgrounds and also which one you would go for? It seems I could just buy the brush system which attaches to a can or go for something with more attachments. I think I've find a good site here to buy it from here but I don't know which model to choose!!

Thank you so much and have a great evening ;o)

Hugs Tara xxx



Hi Tara x I am afraid I cant help you, but I always resort to You Tube when I am dithering, and go through some videos, people who arent financially connected, can often be very open. Hope it helps x Leigh x

Lorraine A said...

Hi Tara :-) I have the one with the longer hose ,,, not really sure what the advantage of that is to be honest ?? I think the smaller one is probably easier !!
I use mine quite alot for backgrounds and for spraying flowers ,,, perfect for that !! :-)
I am thinking that a compressor is probably something to think about too as the air cans do run out quite quickly ,, not sure that would be worth the expense hmmm ,,, but the air brush is a nice gadget to have :-)

I think I have probably confused you even more now lol :-)

Lols x x

Kathleen said...

I'm afraid I can't help you (altho I've seen it used for both backgrounds and colouring paper flowers to great effect) but I can tell you that Alex/Eisbaerin has got one and she is a bit of a Copic expert so I'd ask her for advice.

She's still on the DC site so you can try PMing her or contacting her thru her blog here
(might be more reliable as I know she had PM problems wit hthe old DC site).

Her email is on her blog (top right).

Kathleen Mc xx

Tori Wild said...

Hi Tara--- One of my design team friends on All That Scraps gave me your blog to offer some advice-- I use my airbrush all the time --- you can check out my blog if you want to see samples. My recommendation is that you get a Windstream Air Compressor if you are going to invest in the Copic Airbrush system... here is the one I have: and you'll also need a copic airbrush Starter set 3.

These are the ones I have anyway, but you can use ANY compressor as long as you have the compatible parts. If you have any other specific questions, just send me an email. (It's listed below my name on my blog.) Hope that helps!!

Chris said...

Looks like you've got some great advice T and all I can say is that I've used the system at the Craft Barn and the air cans run out in what seems like minutes! xxx