Monday, 29 June 2009


Does anyone know why my blog has suddenly gone really slow and keeps freezing? One or two people have emailed me to say they are struggling to leave me comments. It's acting really funny and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. I seem to be able to visit everyone else just fine so I'm very confused ;o(

Thanks for reading this and if you can help I'll be so grateful! xxx

UPDATE: I have removed my playlist and now everything is much improved...... thank you everyone fore your advice and help ;o) xx


Martine said...

i think its your playlist hun, but i am not sure, i just got closed out of my browser when i was scrollong down your blog, and as soon as the playlist loaded it crashed on me, there have been issues with the playlist as mine no longer works, and after looking on the forum allot of people have been saying that it is crashing their sites, so i could be wrong but i think this may be the reason


Tara said...

Martine you're an absolute darling! It worked, YAY!!! Thank you so much hun ;o) xxx

Rica said...

I just tried to leave a comment on the lower post and it disappeared - must be floating round in cyber space now.
I'm trying again so lets see what happens.
Love your card by the way - fab papers but can't buy anything else - you want to see the boxes I've got - full van load and I'm not taking much furniture - nearly all crafting stuff - eeeek!!!
huggles Heather xx

scrappyjan said...

Tara, I was having the same problems. I had to remove my music from my blog and I think it's better. I searched this on BLOGGER and many people are all of a sudden having the same problems! WHY CAN'T THEY STOP MESSING WITH STUFF and leave well enough alone? :o)

Rica said...

Oooh - the one on the lower post has come back from cyber space now, must have fancied taking the scenic route.
huggles again xx

Christine said...

Hi Tara tried to leave comm. but its floating around SOMWHERE I too had trouble last nite & read Sassy was having probs so deleted my play list too, fingers crossed trouble free at mo...

Christine xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

I quite often have trouble posting on your blog...sorry never mentioned it...thought it was my naff computer!! I find the ones with play lists tend to be difficult to leave comments on
Hope you get it sorted,
Judy xx

Martine said...

No problem darlin :), glad its sorted for you



coldwaters2 said...

Hi Tara I think it is the music I have had to delete mine

Lorraine x

Claudia Rosa said...

tara, the blog is fast and uncomplicated to leave you a comment for me

Lisa said...

Hi Tara, I have had problems leaving comments on quite a few blogs recently. Screen just freezes! Your's seems okay now as I have just left a comment on your latest card.

Lisa x

Ruth said...

Hi Tara I tried to leave comments but the screen froze when your playlist started to load, Ruth x